All is well

Current favourite composer: Ravel
Currently listening to: Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, The Red Pony by Aaron Copland

Hello everyone. I’m enjoying living at college in Brisbane and studying composition at QCGU (Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University) with Gerard Brophy as my teacher. As part of my composition portfolio, to be presented at the end of this semester, I will need to have completed four pieces of music. Two have already been finished; a piece for unaccompanied clarinet, and a piece for violin and piano. Currently I am working on a piece for unaccompanied cello and when I have finished that I will begin working on a piece for eight trombones. My aim is to write to suit the performers that are available at the conservatorium and I am particularly anticipating writing the eight trombone piece because I attended a fantastic concert from the trombone octet.

In other news, the Encounters festival, focusing on interactions between Australia and China, is on. Yesterday I attended a number of concerts and seminars featuring these interactions between Australia and China. Unfortunately I do not seem to be seeing very many other conservatorium students at these events.

In my conservatorium studies so far, I have been astounded with the wealth of music that exists that I never knew about before. In composition workshops we have been looking at music of composers who I have not heard of before but whose music holds much value for study. Analysing music on an ongoing basis, I’m sure that I will learn many new things about writing music and develop my skills in composition as well as absorb influences from many sources. As I am continually told, the more music I listen to and study, the more diversely-influenced my own music will be.

I’m very impressed with the number of events that are on at the conservatorium- there are so many concerts for me to go to- so many more than where I lived while I was attending school.

Making friends with lots of new people has been great- I love talking to the other composers and finding out what they are writing and what they are listening to. At college I have been watching Ghost in the Shell with a very good friend and enjoying that anime very much. I even set my desktop wallpaper to one which features the Major from Ghost in the Shell.

Thankfully the workload at the conservatorium is (ironically) less stressful than it was in my last year of school, and I’m studying what I love the most- writing music. I’m looking forward to the ongoing development of my music writing abilities and style so look out for the next post!


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