Current favourite composer: Prokofiev
Currently listening to: Prokofiev’s first piano concerto

Since 2007 when a new friend of mine introduced me to Rachmaninoff and his concertos, and piano concertos in general, I have gradually gained a liking for the sound of the piano concerto and have wished for a while to create one of my own.

A couple of days ago I had an idea for a sketch that could possibly be part of a piano concerto and today I have recorded numerous other sketches and tried to write down on paper some kind of overarching plan for what the various sections of a first movement might be.

While I was listening to one part of a recording, I suddenly had an idea for a flute line and after a bit of experimentation on the keyboard I opened up my notation program, Sibelius, and created lines for two flutes, two oboes and two clarinets before adding what I thought might be suitable for two bassoons and four horns.

With a plan for the chords, I shaped the higher woodwind parts to match the melody and harmony outlined by the two bassoons and four horns.

It occurred to me that I wanted the sound of a horn and a bassoon playing a melody in octaves with another horn harmonising that melody.

Later I added strings because I thought it might add the appropriate colour.

Here is the result:

Orchestral Sketch by Samplers1712


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