About the piano concerto

After my teacher Gerard Brophy suggested I think about the structure in my piano concerto when I showed him recently, I decided I would restructure it. Also, on his suggestion, I am going to write entirely by hand (which uses the imagination, not sampled sounds) and without improvising on the piano instead of mostly using Sibelius as I’ve done before. My plan is to write a piano reduction first and then orchestrate it. Compared to using Sibelius, which I am more used to, writing by hand will probably take longer and be more difficult to keep going with, but since the most well-respected composers of the past have all used that method, there’s no reason to not regard it as being credible. Also many of the great current composers still write by hand and there must be a good reason for them to do so.

I have also been asked by an American friend who I met through YouTube to write a piece for his marimba ensemble, 7AM. I’m looking forward to writing the piece and sending it to him because as far as I am aware, none of my music has ever been played in the US.

Also, I discovered this hilarious short film through the PES’s ‘curating’ of the YouTube homepage. From the playlist, this was my favourite video.


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