Semester 2 2010 Part 2

This post has been a long time coming- sorry to keep you waiting. I know you were on the edge of your seat(s) the whole time, wondering when I was going to post part 2 of the second semester of 2010.

Firstly, before my news, I want to share a video I found via Reddit (now addicted through watching a friend browse through 2010).

The composer is Thomas-Adam Habuda ( and I think he did a great job. Take a look at website and you’ll hear some great, diverse music. The film reminded me of when I went through a huge number of packets of chips (and gained a number of kilograms) looking for elusive Digimon holographic cards when I was nine years old.

But cutting to the chase, if you remember my “part 1” post I mentioned that I was trying to get some experience writing music for short films created by student filmmakers. I was fairly successful in securing a number of projects and I ended up submitting eight film scores with my composition portfolio. Whether that was a good decision or not, I now know. But more on that later.

I also included some ‘concert’ works in the portfolio- three of the five of them are below.

A Step in the Next Direction

Blue Waltz


The other two were the end of my in-progress piano concerto (I probably won’t touch it again for another two years per the advice of a very helpful and valued friend- find his website here), and a piece for marimba ensemble requested by a friend who found me via my YouTube channel. If he ends up posting a video of that piece and gives me permission to share it, you’ll be sure to find it here so stay tuned!

As to the GPA etc results of the second semester, I at least did better overall than in the first semester but unfortunately my mark for composition was worse. Perhaps I should be more selective about my submissions next time and put more effort into my ‘concert music’ pieces.

Since the end of the semester I have scored two more films- both of them are for the Tropfest competition. Best of luck to the filmmakers.

I very fortunately was successful in finding a holiday job and I hope to pay the university fees with that money rather than incurring a HECS debt, which is unwanted. Much better, I think, to not have a loan bearing down on me as soon as I finish the degree.

I look forward to the next semester at the conservatorium (beginning in March) and I aim to apply myself and learn as much as I can in the area of composition.

Keep watching, I aim to update this website a little more frequently.


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