Yesterday, Tim Davies, a professional Hollywood film music conductor and orchestrator who studied percussion and composition as an undergraduate at Queensland Conservatorium, where I am studying, gave a lecture about his work and what he does. While he asserted that he never had any interest in film music and still doesn’t, the examples of his orchestrations that he played sounded very professional.

In his lecture, Tim told us about how he had written the end credits music for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, using the themes written by Christopher Beck (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH416gjcGnM). It was enlightening to hear how Tim ended up doing what he does.

Tim invited those interested to come and see how he works after his lecture, so my friend Sam and I visited him while he orchestrated music for “Tower Heist”. Tim asked Sam’s opinion on what instrument he should use for a particular section, and ended up using the cellos because they were ‘crunchier’ as Sam suggested. So when you see Tower Heist, listen for marcato Ds in the cellos and you’ll know who suggested it!

It’s encouraging to see that someone from Australia, from the same institution I’m studying composition, has made it to such a professional level, especially since that is the kind of area I am interested in working in.


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