Current favourite composer: Tuomas Holopainen
Current favourite song: Ghost River by Nightwish

Back in 2008, a friend of mine at school sent me three Nightwish tracks over MSN messenger. Since I was right into classical music at that time and I was pretty snobby about my music tastes, I didn’t listen to them. Fast forward to the end of 2011, and The Poet and the Pendulum came on my iPod on shuffle, and I thought it was pretty good. A week or so later I did a week of work experience at Halfbrick Studios where I was asked to make a remix of a Final Fantasy VII battle track in the style of Nightwish. I listened to some of Dark Passion Play to get an idea of the style. After my work experience was over I wanted to listen to the tracks again so I used some iTunes gift card money to buy the Dark Passion Play album. I listened to it almost exclusively for about a month and developed a real taste for Nightwish, which made me want to listen to their other albums as well. I bought Once, Century Child and Wishmaster (which I haven’t listened to as much as Dark Passion Play and Once).

I was very excited when I found out that Nightwish had just released the new album Imaginaerum. I bought that on Christmas day with money from another iTunes gift card and I’ve listened to it almost as much as Dark Passion Play. I started just sitting down at the piano and playing the tunes, and I thought I could write some of the songs for piano into my music notation software. Then I thought it might be a cool thing to have transcriptions of all of the songs in Imaginaerum. And since I’ve done this kind of thing before, why not make videos of all the songs and put them on YouTube? That’s what I’ve started doing now. I always forget how long it takes to record, and how difficult it is, especially since I need to get a near-perfect tape to have continuous video. But it’s a good project, I think, and it’s fun to transcribe songs and play them on the piano.

The first two tracks are already done.


(Here is the original version by Nightwish)

And Storytime:

(Here is the original version)

You can find mp3 downloads and the sheet music via the descriptions on those videos.

On another note, I recorded all of Joe Hisaishi‘s Piano Stories 1 around December 2010 and I never actually put the videos together so I’m planning to upload those videos to YouTube over the next few weeks. The trouble was that I have to align the video and audio because they’re recorded separately and Windows Live Movie Maker makes that difficult because it doesn’t have a precise method of doing that other than trial and error.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my videos!


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