Tonight my piec…

Tonight my piece “Fanfare for Brass Band” was premiered by the South Brisbane Federal Band. This piece was written for the band’s inaugural composition competition and I was very happy to be awarded third place as well as the encouragement award for an entrant under 21! This is a fantastic result considering sixteen entries (I think) were submitted with seven being finalists. Congratulations to Kerry Thomas and Edward Kennedy who were awarded first and second places respectively.Image

The photo above shows my certificate in front of the perpetual trophy for the encouragement award. The two smaller trophies to the left are for the encouragement award and the third place award. I’m really happy about the result and it makes me feel enthused to enter more competitions!


2 thoughts on “Tonight my piec…

  1. Dear Andrew, found your gorgeous “Song of the Three Young Men,” a very important prayer for our time. While many liturgical renditions exist, they feel dreary… Yours is a PRAISE, as it should be, so thanks. Possible to get music/text? Thanks and blessings. Continued success!
    Nancy D

    • Hi Nancy, I’m glad you like my music! I’d be happy to send a PDF of the score for Song of the Three Young Men to you for $10.00 if you send it to me via PayPal (

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