Finally, I posted that video

This video is from a concert in 2008 where Jane Rutter played the flute with my piece ‘Romanze and Rondo in D minor’ which I’d written that year when I was 15. I’ve wanted to post it for a long time but I couldn’t figure out how to get the video from the DVD onto the computer for ages, and when I did it had this watermark in it. Ideally it would be free of watermarks like that but if I kept waiting it felt like I’d never post it at all and I really really wanted that piece on my channel.

Also I rediscovered a news article written about this and you can see it here:

Also I arranged the theme from The Guild for piano! The Guild is a really hilarious web series by Felicia Day about gamers and I love it.

Also today I entered the Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition in the composition section where the task was to write a ten-minute piano concerto. Everything has to be submitted secretly with code names and stuff. Even though the jury won’t know the names of the composers, I’m up against professionals from all around the world who no doubt have a much better idea of how to write a piano concerto than me, but I wanted to enter anyway and I’ve wanted to write a piano concerto for ages.

Finally, I’m coming to the end of my third year of study in composition at Queensland Conservatorium. I’ve applied for honours for next year- my proposed topic is “Nightwish and the Synthesis of Rock and Orchestral Elements: An Investigation into the Idioms of Symphonic Metal” because I LOVE Nightwish and it would be cool to learn how to write symphonic metal music by doing that project. Hopefully I’ll be approved to do honours! I need to get at least a distinction for this semester’s portfolio to be able to do honours next year so my portfolio has to be fantastic. Last semester I only got a pass because I didn’t work hard enough and I didn’t have much to present, but this semester I’ve been doing various projects- choral music, film scoring, video game music, piano concerto, string quartet and organ music, so hopefully I’ll get a better mark this time. If I don’t get to do honours I’ll be a bit sad because my two best friends at the conservatorium will most likely be doing honours and I want to do it with them.

Anyway that’s what’s been happening lately for me!


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