And now for the final year

2013 will be the last year I’ll be studying at Queensland Conservatorium. Unfortunately I didn’t get the required two distinctions for composition in third year (2012) so I was ineligible for Honours in Composition. However I was admitted to Honours in Music Studies instead, given my good track record in all other subjects. In fact I received no lower than a distinction for any subject besides composition. Composition was always incredibly difficult for me to score good marks in. However marks at university don’t seem to really matter all that much once you graduate. Tim Davies, a professional Hollywood film music orchestrator who studied at Queensland Conservatorium, told me he didn’t get high distinctions all the time at the con and he said no one in the industry even cares if you have a degree. So even though I won’t be having composition lessons any more as part of my degree, it won’t be all that bad. My thesis is going to be on the combination of orchestra and metal ban in the symphonic metal genre, paying particular attention to Nightwish. I thought this would be a cool thesis and I love that kind of music so I’m looking forward to a good year. I’ll also be taking two programming electives to help me gain some useful skills for being a video game music composer and sound effects creator.

In other news I recently finished uploading all of the videos for my piano arrangement of Imaginaerum by Nightwish. It took me about a year from start to finish on this project. In reality it’s probably only a few months that I worked on it, because I didn’t do any work on it during uni time in 2012. But I’m very glad it’s complete. Check out the playlist below. You can click on the bar that says “Playlist Imaginaerum [piano version]” to open up a slider where you can choose any video from the playlist. Alternatively you can just click the title of the video to be taken to the playlist page on YouTube.

I’m looking forward to doing my very best this year at uni. I’d really like to have a “real” job lined up for when uni finishes, hopefully something like making sound effects in a games studio or something. After four years of study I’m ready to do something cool with the skills I’ve learned.


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