Almost at the final semester

I’ve finished all my assessments for the first semester of my last year at university and now I’m on the break before my very last semester, very exciting! This semester I have been studying programming as an extra course because of my interest in working in a video game development environment, and I have been working on my honours dissertation which is in symphonic metal. This afternoon I actually made a symphonic remix of the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII:

I also decided to play through all the main Final Fantasy games, starting from the first one, and I’m currently up to Final Fantasy II. The music (by Nobuo Uematsu) is really fantastic and I love listening to the various orchestra performances of Final Fantasy music on YouTube and Spotify.

In other news I am going to be writing the score for a noir/Western cowboy detective film, the score for an adventure animation and making music and sound effects for two final year video game projects at Queensland College of Art, part of Griffith University (which the Conservatorium is part of).

Recently I secured copyright permission to sell the sheet music for my arrangement of Imaginaerum by Nightwish through a licence from Sony. It was interesting to go through the process – it took quite a while but it was great to do that for the first time. I’ll be selling the sheet music for individual songs for $2.50 AUD each and the whole set of thirteen songs for $20.00 AUD. Here’s one of the pieces I arranged:

Over the holidays I’ll be working on my honours thesis and I’m looking forward to finishing university at the end of this year! I’m hoping that this time next year I’ll be working professionally as a composer and/or sound designer for video games!


2 thoughts on “Almost at the final semester

  1. Hello, I’m definitely interested on buying the sheet music of Turn Loose the Mermaids. Do you accept Pay-Pal?

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