Finished my degree!

On Thursday the 24th of October 2013, I submitted my honours thesis, “The Function of the Orchestra in Symphonic Metal Music” to student administration at the conservatorium, thus completing my final piece of assessment for my degree! It’s wonderful to have finished now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to do – I’ve gone to the Brisbane Unity Developers meeting to try and meet some game developers who might want me on their team to write their music and create sound effects and I will also be writing music for the game Dragon Maze which is being developed for the OUYA console by Feline Arts.

I now need to consider all of my professional options – I will be moving out of St John’s College on the 10th of November and I intend to work in a day job in Brisbane so I can continue to live here while pursuing as many music opportunities as possible, gradually building a reputation for myself and nurturing professional relationships.

On another note, I wrote a short track this evening in the spirit of Halloween which has been discussed on the internet a fair bit lately at the end of October. Here’s the track below!


4 thoughts on “Finished my degree!

  1. Hello,my name is Annie and i would like to know if you can doing a partition on piano for me if i send you a video???

  2. Hey… It’s been a while since this post, but I am intrigued by your thesis, so I was wondering if you still had the text available, and if I could take a gander. 🙂 P.s. very impressed by your stuff here

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