Game of Thrones Piano Sheet Music

I posted the video at the bottom of this post on YouTube, it’s the theme from fantastic TV series Game of Thrones and I arranged it for piano. Often I’m asked for the sheet music for my arrangements, I’m really happy that people want to play them! I like to sell my sheet music but I can’t really sell this one. However I’m going to provide it for free and provide this PayPal donation button below so that you can send me some money if you like my arrangement. If you donate I can make more piano videos for everyone to enjoy!

Donate Button

Here is the sheet music:

Thank you and have fun!


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Piano Sheet Music

  1. I assume you had to disable link because of copyright etc?

    My son plays in a Steel Pan band and I think this music would sound great on it

  2. Hi! I am really enjoying attempting to learn your arrangement of the Game of Thrones theme song. Is there any way possible you can record your hands while playing it? I can’t play the runs even close to smoothly, and I’m probably at half speed. Seeing finger placement would help a lot! (P.S.: I’m completely jealous of your ability). 🙂

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