Broken Valley Awakens from Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga

Recently I decided to finish playing Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (originally Ego Draconis and now released as a “Developer’s Cut” version). I bought this game in 2010 because of the frigging amazing cover art. When my hard drive failed a few years later I lost all my progress and I’d never actually finished the game, so I’ve started again. The big drawcard is being able to transform into a dragon. I am a HUGE dragon fan and I’ll throw my money at whatever game lets me play as a dragon.

Anyway! I really love the music you hear at the village near the beginning of Divinity II. This is “Broken Valley Awakens”. The video at the top of this post is my piano rendition of it as it’s absolutely beautiful.

I was very sad to learn that the composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, died in June 2015, only four months ago. He wrote some beautiful music for this game and I’m still enjoying the soundtrack as I make my way through Rivellon.

Sheet music is available here:



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