Launch of the Falcon 9 for Brass Band

This is my newest brass band piece which was performed on Saturday the 14th of November 2015 by the South Brisbane Federal Band for their composition competition. I didn’t place anywhere in the competition but I’m still really happy with what I accomplished with this piece.

I was very inspired by SpaceX and the piece is named after their flagship rocket, the Falcon 9. The “Falcon” part named after the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the “9” because the rocket has 9 engines.

This is the description I used for the program notes:

SpaceX, short for Space Exploration, is the cutting-edge commercial spaceflight company headed by visionary Elon Musk. He sees a future where humanity is being a space-faring civilisation. As such, I find SpaceX incredibly inspiring, steering humanity into the future.

Falcon 9 is the name of SpaceX’s 9-engine flagship rocket which inspired this piece. “Launch of the Falcon 9” features a figure of notes played in groups of 4, 3, 2, then 1, like a countdown. The piece also features repeated notes representing rocket thrust. “Launch of the Falcon 9” is structured to musically emulate the Falcon 9’s multi-stage launch.

Contact me if you’d like the sheet music!

I hope you enjoy my piece!


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