OVERWATCH – Main Title/Victory Theme

I’m having a blast in Overwatch. I got the game soon after it came out and it’s so much fun! My favourite characters to play as are are Genji, D. Va, Mei, and McCree.

Sheet music available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/overwatch-main-5800751

Since the music is amazing (as always with Blizzard), I wanted to do my best at making a cover of the Overwatch theme with piano and guitar – the main theme and the victory theme. And I wanted to thrown in a Play of the Game. I had fun making this! I began my channel with just piano but I wanted to learn electric guitar so I could make cooler videos, a guitar cover here and there. I’m really happy I’m bringing guitar to my videos now! Cue Overwatch Victory Theme.

For the end, I wanted to throw in some Overwatch quotes, and since I’m Australian, I thought Junkrat was the one to go with. So I did my best impression of him.

Just so I can be a hipster – I’ve enjoyed Blizzard games since Starcraft 1 (Power Overwhelming). Starcraft II, WoW, Diablo 3, Hearthstone – and now Overwatch. I’m yet to play Heroes of the Storm but I think I’ll be all about Overwatch for a while! You can always count on Blizzard Entertainment to bring top quality product. And Overwatch is certainly no exception! Plus the Overwatch music is exceptional.

Hope you enjoy this music from Overwatch!


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