Stargazers by Nightwish (Piano Version)

I’m very excited to bring you this new arrangement of Stargazers by Nightwish! Please share with your friends if you enjoy!

I put a huge amount of effort into this to make it the best it possibly could be for you. Usually I play in a simpler way but for this one, I wanted to make it as cool and impressive as possible. I don’t often do these fast, technical figures in the left hand, but I thought it would be more interesting if I did this time. Let me know what you think!

To get our channel to the next level, I made a short new video intro. The main idea was to have a short, original melody, starting out of focus and becoming more clear, then using a big chord to finish it off. To get technical, I used a high pass filter to give it that small radio sound in the beginning, and I panned it out to stereo to enhance the quality leading up to the end.

In short, I’m proud of that intro! I’m intending on putting it before all my videos now because it will tie them all together.

Otherwise – I changed my channel name to Andrew Wrangell Music. I feel this is far better than “Composer1992” and way more suitable for me.

So I hope you enjoy Stargazers! I’m also going to be putting out a huge channel update, big things are coming so I hope you’re ready!

All the best!



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