Crash Bandicoot 1 Theme (Piano Version)

This is the Crash Bandicoot – played on piano (and more!)

Crash Bandicoot – the game that started them all! The first game was on Playstation 1 and Crash was like the mascot of the Playstation for a while, a mascot to compete with Mario and Sonic. This is the theme music from the first Crash Bandicoot game.

I saw the “Crash Bandicoot Comeback Trailer”:
And I wanted to make this video! For this cover, I put some drums, bongos, tambourine and that kind of thing in the background as well.

Crash Bandicoot is a crazy character so I tried a few crazy things in the video like the spinning. That’s a hallmark of Crash too! I’m so excited there’s a remake coming!

The Crash Bandicoot 1 music was written by Josh Mancell of Mutato Muzika. Originally created and developed by… Naughty Dog! And the remake is being published by Activision.

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