Forever Yours by Nightwish (Piano Version)

Forever Yours is a beautiful ballad from the 2002 Nightwish album Century Child. Here on piano!

Originally performed by Nightwish. Music by Tuomas Holopainen.

Here is another Tarja era song! One of the mournful ballads of Nightwish, Forever Yours is about longing, melancholy and heartbreak. The song lyrics speak of loneliness and the wish to find love. All in all a very beautiful song. It has actually always reminded me of My Heart Will Go On from Titanic! I have a suspicion that the song from that movie was at least partially inspirational to the composer, Tuomas Holopainen!

Anyway, please enjoy Forever Yours, piano version!

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Fare thee well, little broken heart
Downcast eyes, lifetime loneliness

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

Constant longing for the perfect soul
Unwashed scenery forever gone

No love left in me
No eyes to see the heaven beside me
My time is yet to come
So I’ll be forever yours

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