Planet Hell by Nightwish (Piano Version)

Planet Hell is from the 2005 Nightwish album Once. Here on piano!
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This song is a really intense one! It’s the fourth song from Once, which was the last Nightwish album with Tarja Turunen singing. Originally written by Tuomas Holopainen (music and lyrics) and performed by Nightwish.

The original Planet Hell features a really great exchange between the male and female vocals (Marco Hietala and Tarja Turunen) and it’s truly great in the live versions.

My patrons on Patreon voted for a piano version of Planet Hell to be next! They said that they would like to hear my version. This is my best attempt so I hope you enjoy it!

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Planet Hell Lyrics:
Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the bloodred
Carpets before me
Behold this fair creation of God

My only wish to leave behind
All the days of the Earth
An everyday hell of my kingdom come

The 1st rock thrown again
Welcome to hell, little Saint
Mother Gaia in slaughter
Welcome to paradise, Soldier

My 1st cry neverending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain’t ready for The Ark
Mankind works in mysterious ways

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