El Dorado by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)

El Dorado is a standout track from from Skyworld (2012). Here on piano!

El Dorado was originally a myth from the Spanish Empire about a man who covered himself in gold dust and submerged himself in Lake Guatavita. Over time, the legend became that El Dorado was a city, then a kingdom, then finally an empire.

This trailer music track by Thomas Bergersen of Two Steps From Hell bears the same name – beginning with an exotic violin and then moving into a soaring melody that really shows you what epic music is about. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks from Skyworld.

In fact, Skyworld is special to me as it was my first epic music album! Someone I knew was listening to Two Steps From Hell and I decided to give this trailer music a try. I just picked the most recent album at the time (which was Skyworld) and I found that I really loved the epic music genre!

This track was voted for by my patrons on Patreon! Please expect more Two Steps From Hell and more epic music! If you’d like to have your vote counted on what I do next, you can become a patron from $1 per video! And you’ll get your name in the credits too. 😉

Fun fact: This video had almost finished uploading when I got a dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I lost the entire video description, Patreon post and the sheet music I was working on. Damn!

Anyway, please enjoy El Dorado, piano version!

Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell

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Previous video: Enchantress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Z5779twmo

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Tags: Epic Music | Trailer Music | Two Steps From Hell | El Dorado | Andrew Wrangell | Andrew Wrangell Music | Thomas Bergersen


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