Shadow of an Ocean Soul – Original by Andrew Wrangell

Shadow of an Ocean Soul is an original song written as a tribute to Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish.

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The song is essentially about how I feel towards the songwriting of Tuomas Holopainen. As you may know, I’ve made many piano covers of Nightwish music, including two of their complete albums, and I think that the music is very special! So that’s why the lyrics are this way.

This was originally commissioned as a piano piece by one of my subscribers here on YouTube. Here is the original:
And here is a live recording:

I hope you enjoy the song!

Thank you to Timo Kahl for the thumbnail.

A big thank you to my Patreon patrons for supporting me! You guys rock. Sheet music and mp3s are given to my patrons on Patreon.

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Shadow of an Ocean Soul
by Andrew Wrangell
Commissioned by Anissa Ivone Frisoni


Shadow of an ocean soul…

A poet sent a message to my soul
Showing me a brand new world
The deepest depths of thought and wonder at
The endless forms most beautiful

A painting of words
These notes must be
Fountain of a never-ending spring
I can but behold
Those songs of old
Shadow of an Ocean soul

I wondered at the meaning of those words
Music of your inner world
Imparted through the finest poetry
Harmony of sky and sea

“Seeking to release emotions of my inner child
Is what my music strives for
Taking every moment that is given
To express my sense of wonder and of awe”

Tags: Andrew Wrangell | Kiri Geile | Original Music | Symphonic Metal | Nightwish Fan


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