Stallion by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)

The free spirit of the stallion – run like the wind.
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Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell

Stallion is an awesome track from the Two Steps From Hell album “Vanquish” which was released at the beginning of 2017. You can really imagine a wild stallion galloping when you listen to this track.

This marks my third piano video of music from Vanquish! The epic music genre is just one of my favourites so I tried to do my best with this one.

It took a long time to record, so please forgive this one being a little late this week! That part in the middle with the different instruments in the original, like guitar, violin, and organ was particularly difficult and I spent a long time practicing to be able to pull it off. The thing I aim for in my videos is to make them something special, not just play some melody and some chords and throw out a video. It needs interesting parts and I want to push myself to improve all the time. So since this track had lots of places with long notes held and nothing else happening in the melody, I had to put something there so it was interesting!

I haven’t heard this as any trailer music yet but hopefully I will recognise it somewhere in some ad or movie trailer.

This track was voted for by my patrons on Patreon! Please expect more Two Steps From Hell and more epic music! If you’d like to have your vote counted on what I do next, you can become a patron from $1 per video! And you’ll get your name in the credits too. 😉

So please enjoy my piano version of Stallion from Vanquish by Two Steps From Hell!

A big thank you to my Patreon patrons for supporting me! You guys rock.

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