The Islander by Nightwish (Piano)

One of my favourite acoustic Nightwish songs on piano!
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The Islander is a great acoustic song from the 2007 Nightwish album “Dark Passion Play”.

Music by Marco Hietala & Tuomas Holopainen
Originally performed by Nightwish

The Islander is from Nightwish’s Dark Passion Play album and this song was actually written by Marco Hietala! It’s my understanding that Tuomas Holopainen wrote the lyrics. The original music video is beautiful, the band members sat in a circle in a Finnish setting. If you’ve been to Finland you’ll know how amazing that country is! I can’t wait to go back in July 2017.

I tried something different with the angle for this video – top down so you can see more of me while I play. I wanted to show some more emotion in my playing however I had to focus on what I was doing more than showing the feeling of the piece like I wanted to – every time I tried to show more visually, my playing suffered a lot! But I think I got just a little in. I might go back to the previous way, showing mostly my hands instead. But leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Thank you to my patrons on Patreon for voting for The Islander as my next Nightwish piano cover! I will be doing more and more Nightwish covers and you can vote for them if you become a patron on Patreon! Patrons receive the sheet music and mp3s to all of my videos as I release them.

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Thank you to my fantastic patrons for supporting this video!

The Islander lyrics:

An old man by a seashore
At the end of day
Gazes the horizon
With seawinds in his face
Tempest-tossed island
Seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted
And a ship without a name

Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
He lightens the beacon, light at the end of world
Showing the way lighting hope in their hearts
The ones on their travels homeward from afar

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind long ago

The albatross is flying
Making him daydream
The time before he became
One of the world’s unseen
Princess in the tower
Children in the fields
Life gave him it all:
An island of the universe

Now his love’s a memory
A ghost in the fog
He sets the sails one last time
Saying farewell to the world
Anchor to the water
Seabed far below
Grass still in his feet
And a smile beneath his brow

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind so long ago


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