Rey’s Theme (Piano, audio only)

May the 4th be with you!
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I’m a big fan of Star Wars and I particularly love the music by John Williams! I decided to make a video for May the 4th (a pun for “may the force be with you”) and because I have the support from my patrons, I wanted to make something more than just the main title theme which is a little short. So I made this piano version of Rey’s theme from The Force Awakens, which was voted for by my patrons!

I also streamed the creation of this from scratch:

I think it’s a really beautiful theme so I hope that you enjoy it! I might put out the sheet music a little later – it’s not a definite but I might make it available.

Thank you to my Patreon supporters for choosing this as my video! Patrons receive my sheet music and Mp3s and can vote on my next video!

Previous video: Star Wars Main Title (Piano)

I also did March of the Resistance:


Piano: Casio CDP-100
Sound: East West Pianos Gold Yamaha C7

Tags: Star Wars | Rey’s Theme | John Williams
Star Wars Rey’s Theme | Star Wars Piano | Rey’s Theme Piano


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