Blackheart by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)

Blackheart by Two Steps From Hell on piano.
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Two Steps From Hell piano playlist:

Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell
Original Blackheart by Two Steps From Hell:

Blackheart is from the 2012 Two Steps From Hell album “Skyworld”, the first Two Steps From Hell album I ever listened to – it was pretty much my introduction to epic music! I had a few requests for Blackheart so I hope that you enjoy this piano version of the great track by Thomas Bergersen.

I did my best to stay true to the style of this epic music in my piano version and there were a few challenges.

Full disclosure: I use a bit of editing magic to make these videos as I don’t have time to learn them like I would for a concert performance!

When I hear Victory, I can imagine I might be on a pirate ship, sailing the high seas. You know, I honestly think this kind of music should be what’s on the top 40, not… Whatever’s on the top 40. Because this is REAL music!

Two Steps From Hell is hands down my favourite trailer music. The way Thomas Bergersen crafts this music is incredible and it’s an absolute pleasure to arrange it for piano, it works so well! I try my best to get that big sound too, as best I can because the originals are such epic music and I have to pick and choose which parts to keep on the piano. I only have two hands!

Please expect more Two Steps From Hell and more epic music! If you’d like to have your vote counted on what I do next, you can become my patron on Patreon from $1 per video! And you’ll get your name in the credits too. 😉

Please enjoy – BLACKHEART by Two Steps From Hell!

Previous video: Victory by Two Steps From Hell


Piano: Casio CDP-100
Sound: East West Pianos Gold Yamaha C7

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