Running with Keepers by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)

A track from the new ebook: Colin Frake – Asclepius!
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Two Steps From Hell piano playlist:

Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell
Original Running with Keepers by Two Steps From Hell:

Running with Keepers is a beautiful, sad-sounding track from the soundtrack to Colin Frake – Asclepius. This is the second in a series written by Nick Phoenix (the first one was Colin Frake – On Fire Mountain).

The Colin Frake books are in a very interesting format – on Apple devices the soundtrack is embedded in the book as you read it and you can listen to the soundtrack at key parts of the story and look over the illustrations. It’s a very neat idea! I haven’t read it yet but I am keen to now!

Thank you very much to my patrons who suggested and then voted for Running With Keepers. It’s really cool to do a new piece from Two Steps From Hell that I hadn’t really heard until it was suggested to me!

For the next month I will be away in Finland for the show “Kiteenarium”, which is a production headed by Dean Kopri ( and some of the arrangements are my own. You can find out more about it here:

However I have prepared enough videos to last until I return home! You will still see one new Two Steps From Hell piano arrangement every week!

Full disclosure: I use some editing magic to make these videos as I don’t have time to learn them thoroughly like I would for a concert performance!

Thomas Bergersen’s tracks are my favourite trailer music without a doubt. The way he crafts this epic music is incredible and it’s an absolute pleasure to arrange it for piano, it works so well! I try my best to get that big sound too!

Please expect more Two Steps From Hell/Thomas Bergersen and more epic music! If you’d like to support making me videos like this, you can become my patron on Patreon from $1 per video! Depending on the pledge, patrons can access sheet music, mp3s, midi, vote on my arrangements and see what’s upcoming!

Please enjoy – RUNNING WITH KEEPERS by Thomas Bergersen!

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Piano: Casio CDP-100
Sound: East West Pianos Gold Yamaha C7
Software: Sony Vegas

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