Film music

I was inspired to become a film composer by the likes of John Williams and Joe Hisaishi, my favourite composers! Here is a selection of my film music – my list of credits is further down the page.

Listing of film music by Andrew Wrangell

2016 Pods by Tessie Liddell

2015 EXOIDS rescore (MeniThings Productions)
2015 Aqua by Tessie Liddell

2014 Cookies (By Claudia Jakubowski and Danika Catchpole)
2014 Hasel and Rose trailer (By Caroline Magerl)

2013 One Step Ahead (By Danika Catchpole)
2013 The Big Shift (By Kris Tweedie)
2012 Radical (By Sonia Junttila)

2011 Dimensions (By Henry Boffin)
2011 Kerrigan is Betrayed Rescore (Blizzard Entertainment)
2011 Of Witches and Wraiths (By Glenn Wauchop)

2011 Soul Plant (By Zach Shanahan)

2010 Soul Plant, directed by Zach Shanahan
2010 Dimensions, directed by Henry Boffin
2010 Maxwell and Sierra and the Inside Out, directed by Hannah Ariotti
2010 Oh My God, directed by Jazz Meyer
2010 It’s Complicated, directed by Govinda Whitehurst
2010 The Horror of the Beach Monster, directed by Jazz Meyer
2010 Passionate Pesto, directed by Adrianna Pearce
2010 Share Happy, directed by Jazz Meyer
2010 Insane, directed by Zach Shanahan
2010 Reflections, directed by Ellie Jansson

2009 Barwork, Score It! entry

2007 Medieval II: Total War, Score It! entry